A family trade for over 60 years

The Preston family has been in the motor trade for over 60 years. Below we look at the family’s journey from coal to cars and what has shaped the business you see today:

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1906 - 1962

Back in 1906, the entrepreneurial Preston family started Hippo as a coal merchant, with family man George Preston passing it down to his two sons who led it to success throughout the 1920s - 50s.

1962 - 1990

In 1962, go-getting brothers Stanley and Eric Preston decided to gear up for a new challenge, guiding us down a prosperous path within the motor trade.

90s and early 2000s

Our first ever custom-built showroom, the booming Prestons BMW, kicked off the ‘90s and in 2001, the Hillendale Land Rover showroom let customers through their doors.


Six years after that and Thomas and Richard Preston saw the auspicious potential of Hippo, stepping in to rise it to high-end success through bringing prestige and performance cars to their customers.


Our accomplished and knowledgeable team are proud of our heritage, and we continue to introduce new services and ways of supporting you in seeking out your new car.

"Very happy with these guys, their customer service is second to none. I just told them what I wanted, they sourced it, financed it and delivered it 245 miles to my home address. Came with a full service too. They did all the work and made buying a car a very pleasant experience. Big shout out to Alistair - he was outstanding. Well deserved 5 stars from me. Will definitely be using these again"
18th July 2019|Tracey Davies
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