Part Exchange

    Part exchanging your current car offers you a hassle-free shortcut to finding your new car. Instead of individually selling your vehicle beforehand, you can use your car’s value against the purchase price of a new one, all as part of one simple transaction.

    If you’re interested in using your car as a part exchange against a new vehicle, our expert team can help you with every step of the process. You can get a best-price trade-in valuation from us today over the phone.

    How does part exchange work with Hippo Approved?

    Part exchange is the process of trading in your current car as part of the purchase of your new vehicle, with your car’s value discounted off the price of the purchase. So, we effectively buy your car off you, but instead of giving you the cash, we deduct that amount from the price of your new car.

    Why part exchange? The main reason is the convenience - it makes the whole process of selling your old car and buying a new one easier, reducing the whole thing down to one hassle-free transaction. It’s also a sure thing – you get a guaranteed sale with no risk of things falling through as there is with a private buyer.

    Want to get started? All you need to do is give us a call to get your best-price valuation.

      Can you part exchange a car on finance?

      Yes, even if you have outstanding finance on your current vehicle, you can still use it in a part exchange. However, it’s important to understand whether you’re in positive or negative equity (whether your car’s value is higher or lower than the amount you have left to pay) on your finance deal as this will impact your options and whether you can achieve any part exchange value.

      It can be a little confusing to get your head around, but we can help you understand where you stand. Give us a call if you want to talk things through.

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